Gmail users should check their SPAM folder for USPTO email

Gmail (and Google Apps) users beware! Gmail’s spam filter has been flagging official email from the USPTO as spam.


Email flagged as spam skips your inbox and is labeled with a “SPAM” label. That could be disastrous to your docketing plans…

In case a reminder is necessary: everyone in your office needs to check their spam folder immediately. Note: it is a good practice to search your spam folder regularly for the magic words “patent” and “trademark” anyway…

Here’s how to prevent this issue from happening again.

First, search Gmail for “USPTO.”

Second, select the down arrow in the search box (see the image below).
Third, click “Create a filter with this search.”

Fourth, tick “Never send it to Spam.”

Finally, press the “Create filter” button.

Theoretically, no emails with the word “USPTO” in them should ever end up in your spam folder again. Hopefully, all emails from the USPTO will continue contain those magic letters…

The USPTO provides an alternative solution, namely adding email addresses to your address book. It’s a great solution, IF you have a complete list of every possible email address the USPTO could send you email from.  For instance, missing from the USPTO’s list are:,,,,,,,,, so on, so forth. Last week we even received one from Law Office 104 with a return email address of “”

Because of that, we highly recommend using BOTH approaches.