Reminder: TARR and TDR are about to go offline; API

Per the notice at the top of TDR:

On August 25, 2012, the USPTO released version 2.0 of Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR). On September 1st, all existing direct (static) hyper-links displaying TARR information will be redirected to TSDR. On September 8th, all existing direct (static) hyper-links displaying TDR information will be redirected to TSDR. Soon thereafter, the web pages at and will no longer be accessible. Please send any questions to TSDR@USPTO.GOV. Additional information about the TSDR 2.0 deployment is available here: TSDR 2.0.

There is an API for the new TSDR, but I haven’t seen much documentation beyond the examples that were mentioned in the TSDR 2.0 FAQ:

Please let me know if you’ve seen any other API documentation out there…and I’ll update this post.

[UPDATE 2012-09-04]
I asked the USPTO last week if there was any additional documentation regarding the API. I was told that there is not.

From the above list (and looking at the XML), you can extrapolate the following:

The URLS start with: “”

Options include:

/casestatus/sn1234567/download.pdf [[status as a pdf]]
/casestatus/sn1234567/ [[status as zip with xml and css files]]
/casestatus/sn1234567/content.html [[status as html]]
/casestatus/sn1234567/info.xml [[status as xml]]
/casedocs/bundle.pdf?sn=1234567 [[by serial number]]
/casedocs/bundle.pdf?rn=1234567 [[by registration number]]
/casedocs/bundle.pdf?ref=1234567 [[by USPTO reference number]]
/casedocs/bundle.pdf?ir=0835690 [[by international registration number]]
/casedocs/bundle.xml [[metadata in xml]]
/casedocs/ [[a ZIP of the original TIFF images]]
&date=1999-01-01 [[docs sent/received on a date]]
&fromdate=2006-01-01&todate=2006-12-31 [[docs sent/received in a date range]]
&type=SPE [[specimens]]
&type=DSC [[Design Search Code]]
&type=ORC [[Registration Certificate]]
&type=DRW [[Drawing]]
&type=NOP [[Notice of Publication]]
&type=APP [[Application]]
&sort=date:A [[sorted from earliers to latest]]
&category=RC [[Registration Certificate]]

multiple matters can be requested by adding them comma separated

6 thoughts on “Reminder: TARR and TDR are about to go offline; API”

  1. Regarding the “Status for Serial Number” API: have you seen a published XSD or a means to generate one? I have not been able to locate one.

  2. Mike:

    I have not.

    I emailed the Office and asked them if there was any additional documentation. They indicated that there is not.

    I spent some time playing with it Friday, I’ll update the post (above) with the additional information I extrapolated.


  3. Steve,

    From my research, I seem to recall some reference to PTO relying on some open standard in defining the XML format.

    Ultimately, I came across the following site which provides an XML schema that really looks like it is the correct one for the XML provided by the PTO:

    Unfortunately, in my first attempts using JAXB, I was unable to unmarshal that XML.

    Do you think this could be the correct schema?


    1. It was late at night when I was looking at the XSD from TM-XML. Upon closer inspection, it cannot be the schema for the PTO xml file.

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