Searching by reexamination number

The USPTO PatFT page for Patent Number Search lists three examples for reexamination patent numbering:

Re-examination — RX29,194 RE29183 RE00125

However, if you type in those three “example” numbers into the search box, you get a “PN/RX29,194: 0 patents” error and two reissue patents.  It is odd that the USPTO examples aren’t valid…

Anyone know of a valid re-examination number (for a project I’m working on)?

3 thoughts on “Searching by reexamination number”

  1. For me, the second and third example worked where I used “RE” instead of “RX”. Not sure why they used “RX” unless that was the way old ones used to be or the way they used to have this format but I only got hits on “RE”.

  2. I was recently working on a re-examination, and needed to find examples. The easiest way is to search by serial number – use the “90″ series for ex-parte re-examinations, and “95″ series for inter-partes. For example:

    APN/90005727 is an ex-parte case
    APN/95000050 is an inter-partes

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